Green or garden wastes can be recycled as bio-solids in special cogeneration plants, but first they have to be properly prepared. Out company has created a new shredder BioMaster which is designed especially for that purpose. This shredder separates already crushed material from small particles of dust, stone, ground etc., so that final product is an ideal fuel.

Air circulation system

Optimized air circulation system for maximum productivity.

Drive and control

Diesel engine VOLVO PENTA , 768 HP.
Central control panel with multi-functional screen to monitor the indices of the shredder.

Model BioMaster
Engine 565 kW (768 h.p.)
Dimensions, mm 10,6х2,9х3,2
Shaft length, m 2
Weight, t 27

This information refers to standard models, dimensions of individual models can vary from the values provided in the tables.


Screening process under control.


Two tilting hoppers (front/rear) ensure smooth material feed into operation area.

Crawler track

Crawler track guarantee higher mobility even on rough terrain.

Crossover conveyors

Final output product discharged onto separate heaps or right onto live bottom truck.

Magnet separator

Thanks to overband magnet metal particles can be separated.

Registered double shaft system


  • Registered T-blades
    precise shredding (up to 15% of energy saving)
  • Two hoppers
    optimal material feed to working shafts
  • Automatic reverse function
    protects shredding tools from damage
  • Screen adjustment
    By changing distance between screen plates size of output fraction can be adjusted either to 0-20mm or 20-100 mm)
  • Crawler truck ensures mobility
    High mobility even on rough terrain

Application according to the highest requirements

Fine fraction (0-20mm) Medium fraction (20-100mm) Oversize fraction (over 100mm)
Clearing previously crushed material from fine dust, sand, stones. Precise dimensions of output biomass fraction according to preset requirements Oversize particles can be fed back to the shredder for further crushing