Hammer mill RM 71

Secondary rotor-type hammer mill for crushing the chips received from primary disk wood chippers into sawdust to be used for burning in boilers or production of extruded products, pellets, briquets, fiberboard, particle board, biofuel etc. This machine can be also used for shredding lieves and agricultural wastes. The crushing process is performed by means of high frequency of the rotor spinning, which ensures crushing the material into the finest sawdust. The final material is screened through the sieves installed below the rotor, which enable adjusting the size of output fraction. Hammer mill RM71 is equipped with measuring hopper for smooth feed of material from the primary wood chipper.

We offer two types of discharge system. Clients can choose either screw transporter discharge, or discharge pipe to be connected to aspiration or dehydration system.

Model RM 71.37 RM 71.45 RM 71.55
Drive elecgtric engine
(37 kW; 1500 rpm)
elecgtric engine
(45 kW; 1500 rpm)
elecgtric engine
(55 kW; 1500 rpm)
Feed drive asynchronous drive
(2,2 kW; 750 rpm)
asynchronous drive
(2,2 kW; 750 rpm)
asynchronous drive
(2,2 kW; 750 rpm)
Number of hammers 20 20 20
Number of screens 11 11 11
Production capacity, kg/h * up to 800 up to 1000 up to 1500
Input material size, mm 8х30 8х30 8х30
Size of output faction, mm 0-10 0-10 0-10
Height of discharge, mm** 1100 1100 1100
Dimensions: l-w-h, mm 4200х1172х1430 4200х1172х1430 4200х1172х1430
Weight, kg 1255 1255 1255

*Capacity depends oт size of material to be shredded, type of wood and moisture, as well as on the size of screens: 4x8mm or 8x13mm are available
**In case of screw discharge
*Depends on size of input material and loading rate

Additional options

Belt conveyor

For safe feed of wastewood into the chipper, which increases production capacity and automation of production process.

Drum sieve

Drum sieve is intended for size grading of the chips. There is a possibility to screen chips in several stages for separation of zero faction and oversize chips. When oversize chips, larger than sieve mesh, get into the drum, they are brought back to the wood chipper for rechipping.

Feed table

Designed for large size wood, and allows raising the production capacity. Motor reducer 2,2 kW provides for automated feed.

Speed regulator

Extra option, installed by request, regulates the speed of drag rollers rotation, which enables adjusting the size of output chips, and, respectively, production capacity of the secondary chipper.