Log splitter K 450

Hydraulic log splitter is good for efficient splitting of logs, tree roots etc. into firewood. The piston makes hydraulic pressure of wood pushing it to the knife fixed securely. The design of the log splitter and configuration of the knife allow adjusting the height of the knife and split the logs of optimal size. The log splitter can be used both for industrial and domestic purposes.

  • Log splitter can be equipped with 6 or 8-section blades
  • Length of log splitter and power stroke of the piston can be extended

Wheel axle

Wheel axle and tow hook allow easy transportation

Model К-450.500 К-450.1000
Drive electric engine 11kW 380V, 25А electric engine 11kW 380V, 25А
Operating force, t. 12 12
Stroke speed, m/sec 0.15 0.15
Retraction speed, m/sec 0,28 0,28
Power stroke length, mm 550 1050
Feed height, mm 850 850
Optimal diameter of logs, mm до 450 до 450
Optimal length of logs, mm up to 500 up to 1000
Volume of oil in hydraulic system, l 30 40
Working temperatures range, °С -30…+35 -30…+35
Weight, kg 300 360