Wood chipper RM 41

Disk wood chipper for crushing wastewood into technological and fuel chips. Stationary model with electric engine. The chipper is used at sawmills, forestries, municipal utitily companies, wood processing enterprises, pulp and paper plants. The chips can be used for production of particle boards, briquettes, wood pellets, as fuel in boilers, thermal power stations etc.

Advantages of wood chipper RM41

  • design excludes disk fracture
  • knives fitting improves the feed of wastewood and reduces disk friction
  • disk clutch allows quick resetting to a required fraction
  • non-jamming system
  • ejection system prevents from output of oversize chips
  • feed rollers with independent hydraulic engines each
  • hydraulic distributor for feed rollers reverse
  • direct rollers drive provides for easy maintenance
  • feed control is simple and convenient
Model RM 41.230 RM 41.330 RM 41.355
Drive electric engine
(30 kW; 1000 rpm)
electric engine
(30 kW; 1000 rpm)
electric engine
(55 kW; 1000 rpm)
Number of knives 2 3 3
Feed drive hydraulic drive hydraulic drive hydraulic drive
Disk diameter, mm 795 795 795
Disk rotation frequency, rpm 1000 1000 1000
Production capacity, m3/h* max 18 max 15 max 25
Input material diameter, mm max 180 max 180 max 200
Chips size, mm



Feed hopper position horizontal horizontal horizontal
Discharge height, mm** 2500 2500 2500
Discharge chute rotation angle 360° 360° 360°
Hydraulic oil Renolin B15 Renolin B15 Renolin B15
Overall dimensions(length x width x height), mm 2100 x 1300 x 1400 2100 x 1300 x 1400 2500 x 1450 x 1400
Weight, kg 900 900 1200
*Depends on size of input material and loading rate

Additional options

Belt conveyor

For safe feed of wastewood into the chipper, which increases production capacity and automation of production process.

Drum sieve

Drum sieve is intended for size grading of the chips. There is a possibility to screen chips in several stages for separation of zero faction and oversize chips. When oversize chips, larger than sieve mesh, get into the drum, they are brought back to the wood chipper for rechipping.

Feed table

Designed for large size wood, and allows raising the production capacity. Motor reducer 2,2 kW provides for automated feed.

Speed regulator

Extra option, installed by request, regulates the speed of drag rollers rotation, which enables adjusting the size of output chips, and, respectively, production capacity of the secondary chipper.