Wood chipper RM 51

Mobile and easy-to-use wood chipper, working on tractor power take-off. The chipper is designed for effective shredding of wood processing wastes into chips. Using it with tractor allows changing the site easily. The chipper can shred wood wastes on sites of clearing forests, gardens or roadside verges, on rough terrain. The output chips can be used both as raw material for production of particle boards, wood pellets and bruiqettes, or as fuel for boilers, thermal power stations etc.


Advantages of wood chipper RM51

  • transportable to required site
  • adapted for any tractor with frequency min 1000 rpm
  • can be connected to power supply via electric drive 30kW
  • design excludes disk fracture
  • knives fitting improves the feed of wastewood and reduces disk friction
  • disk clutch allows quick resetting to a required fraction
  • non-jamming system
  • direct rollers drive provides for easy maintenance

Wood chipper RM 52, can be used with trailer

Wood chippers of this type, designed especially for utilities companies and road maintenance units enable simultaneous transporting of both the chipper and a trailer by one tractor, thanks to the side feed. This function saves time and gives possibility to tranport the chipper and the shredded material in required location.

Advantages of wood chipper RM52

  • possible to connect a trailer unit for chips
  • transportable to required site
  • shredding chips directly into movable trailer
  • adapted for any tractor with frequency min 1000 rpm
  • smooth operation under any conditions
Model RM 51.2 – 52.2 RM 51.3 – 52.3
Drive tractor take-off tractor take-off
Number of knives 2 3
Feed drive tractor hydraulic system tractor hydraulic system
Disk diameter, mm 795 795
Disk rotation frequency, rpm 1000 1000
Production capacity, m3/h* max 15 max 15
Input material diameter, mm max 180 max 180
Chips size**, mm


Feed hopper position horizontal horizontal
Discharge height, mm*** 2500 2500
Discharge chute rotation angle 360° 360°
Overall dimensions(length x width x height), mm 1700 x 1300 x 1400 1700 x 1300 x 1400
Weight, kg 600 750
*Depends on size of input material and loading rate
**1-3% of oversize output material, depending on the length of input wood

Additional options

Attachable electric drive with hydraulic tank enables operating these mobile wood chippers type RM51 and RM52 using electric network, with the cost of energy for shredding being lower than that of tractor usage. Technical data of the electric drive: 30 kW, 1000 rpm, which is powerful and durable enough; weight – 350 kg.