Wood chipping complex RK 847


The wood chipping complex is designed for comprehensive wood chipping and obtaining the minimum fraction to be used in production of pellets, briquets, biofuel etc.

The complex consists of primary and secondary chippers.

The complex basically works in a following way: wastewood is fed at first to the wood chipper RM41 (primary chipper). After that the chips are fed by relevant portions by screw conveyor of the measuring hopper to hammer mill RM 71 (secondary chipper) where they are shredded to the final minimum fraction. The size of the output material is regulated by screens installed at RM71.


Advantages of the complex RК 847

  • shredding process from the beginning to the end
  • obtaining final fraction of minimum size
  • saving time
  • high production capacity
  • easy and convenient in operation and maintenance

Models and options

RM 41 drive electric engine1000 rpm, 30 kW or 55 kW
Measuring hopper drive variable drive
RM 71 drive electric engine 1500 rpm, 30 kW, 45 kW or 55 kW
Discharge screw conveyor drive electric engine 2,2 kW
Production capacity, kg/h* up to 1500, given the moisture max 30%
Size of output faction, mm 0 - 10
Dimensions: l-w-h, mm 6500х1400х2500
Weight, kg 2235

*Capacity depends oт size of material to be shredded, type of wood and moisture, as well as on the size of screen